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Also I'm going to get a new computer in a few weeks. Either a macbook, or macbook pro. Thank you, tax refund. I'll buy something refurbished from apple.com. I'm pretty excited.


So I started running a few weeks ago. Not Forrest Gump-style continuous running, but I regularly go running now. It's not everyday, but not every other day. I go about 4 times a week. I wanted to start getting up early to run before my day starts, but I'm so bad at getting up. I'm routinely 30-45 minutes late to work(which is ok at my job fortunately), because of my lack of skills, in the area of rising from bed.
There is a little stretch of road behind my house that turns into a Fire Station/Church parking lot. I just started running there, because there are rarely cars, so I can go running at 11:00PM, or similar dark times, with no problem. I'vbe gradually upped the distance I run, to a makeshift course starting at my house, running to and around the parking lot, and returning to my driveway. It's a llttle bit over half a mile(I measured it with My Car's Odometer). Right now it's only about 5 actual minutes of running, but I'm hoping to slowly build it up to at least twenty minutes or so of activity to actually get an aerobic workout. Running on the concrete is uncomfortable, so I probably need to pick up some non-walmart shoes, before I destroy my feet/shins. If I can get myself running at least a mile a day, I'll feel pretty good. It seems quite reachable after building up to half a mile, in two and a half weeks.
I usually run around 3-5PM, depending on when I'm done with work and other factors. The best thing that's happened so far, is that I don't get sore for days, after a run. This will help me to not be sore for days at work, after softball games with church ha.

Anyways, I'm hoping to start losing weight again. I'm also trying to eat less. I'm not dieting, just trying to stop my constant eating. I eat so much junk all the time. I've mostly cut out soda again, which is good. I'd like to lose 10-20 pounds by mid april, which might seem lofty, though I once lost 40 pounds in a month and a half(though that was unhealthy ha, and not really purposeful). Maybe this will help push my heart attack back and I can live past thirty.

Oh yeah, also I'm thinking of finding some sort of 5K run to sign up and train for, as motivation and a goal. I'll see if I can find something right now via the internet.

Some Plastic Surgery TV Show

So, I was flipping through the channels the other day, and came across some sort of plastic surgery show. It started with a doctor doing the dotted line stuff on a woman's stomach and talking about what he was going to do. The woman then got ready for surgery and gave her husband an emotional hug. The couple then took a moment and the husband said a prayer. He prayed for the surgery to go well and for her to do well and for him to be encouraging and helpful and to be a good husband to her while she recovered... My thought was, "How about being a good husband and letting her know she doesn't need to get a tummy tuck". How about you make your wife realize she doesn't need plastic surgery. Make her feel good about herself how she is. It was pretty sad, I thought.

Come to Garfield Artworks jan fifth!

I bought myself a guitar pedal for christmas because i didn't get anything exciting. It's partially because I'm growing up. Grown up.... It's also because my parents are broke. I'm one of seven kids. I'm the sixth, actually. Despite the multitude my parents managed to always get each of us at least one huge awesome present, like a Sega Genesis, or later an Xbox. Without my dad working, it's not going to happen. I'm ok with it, I'm just a little sad that I have to move past the little kid excitement of yesteryear. Christmas presents now, are more about the little guys. Michaela, Nathan, Mercedes, and Austin are the centerpieces of our generosity now. My nephews and nieces are also the reason I've developed a great fondness for my family. That may sound weird, but as much a I love everyone, the idea of hanging out with my family never really became that interesting until the little ones came, especially mercedes, since she was actually local. The kids have also brought me a lot closer to my brother Mark (father of Mercedes and Austin), which I appreciate.

I was supposed to babysit Mercedes and Austin tonight, but their mom, Laureen, cancelled on me. I was able to put together some band practice though, for which I'm excited. Brian's going to come over and jam with us, which is sweet. We're probably going to expand to a four-piece with brian covering Synth and guitar duties. "More Synth". Well it'll be keyboard, not specifically synth, in the sense of eighties pop or anything. Primarily, I want him to play piano and some organ sounds, but we'll probably throw in some synth lead stuff too. We'll see how it goes. He might end up playing a lot of guitar as well, because I don't want to inundate our songs with synth. Matt and Brian will probably show up anytime now, so I should probably go set up the basement.

City Paper article


OK it's not about me ha but it's about the show we're playing. The Silent Years seem to be really good, so I'm excited about the show. Everyone should come next wednesday(august 27)


I gotta get it together and finish the demo. There are 11 songs. I have the drum tracks for all of them. A few of them need to have the lyrics refined a bit, and I need to learn the guitar solos I forgot or improvised in scratch/old tracks, and I gotta do harmonies/bass parts/keys etc. I don't even really have the guitar tone figured out even though i've told peopel that i do ha. I'm not worried about it anymore, because I'll finde something between the recent Marshall head I picked up and my fenders, plus a couple pedals. I gotta find a good bass tone, which is tricky, and figure out how to record the vocals, without tons of noise and sounding good. I gotta clean up to have room to do stuff. I gotta go

my computer died

so I'm not on to check friend entries or post right now. it's frustrating. I'm in a library. Northland Library. I hate this place.
I'm leaving on a little vacation to visit my sister katie in the morning. I barely spent any time packing so I'm going to make a checklist here so I don't forget a few things

-Cell Phone Charger
-Charged Batteris for CD player
-Phone ha

I thought about taking a guitar apart and putting it in my suitcase haha. I don't think I will though
LifeIrritatesArt (10:46:57 AM): so my brother mark gave me an old AC window unit
LifeIrritatesArt (10:47:07 AM): I was installing it into my window
LifeIrritatesArt (10:47:25 AM): and it literally fell out of the window and was careening towards the street and my mailbox haha
LifeIrritatesArt (10:47:37 AM): I caught it by the power cord and pulled it back up
LifeIrritatesArt (10:47:42 AM): it was like an action movie haha
djkimmons (10:48:16 AM): hahahaha
LifeIrritatesArt (10:48:48 AM): like it oculd have fallen on a car or something and then I'd be so screwed. it was certainly a close call
LifeIrritatesArt (10:48:52 AM): ha
djkimmons (10:49:23 AM): I'm constantly impressed by your abilities


ok I'm tired of getting super fat. I just sit around eating junk and being totally sedentary. I"m back to about the weight I was in high school, which was fat. I lost 50 pounds when I went to college, and gained most back, then I lost 40-50 pounds again when the Erin drama happened. Seriously, I lost 40 pounds in less than two months. It wasn't healthy. I was fairly distraught... Well right now I'm about 6'2 or 6'3 and I weitght 260 pounds. I'm pretty much an NFL Linebacker, except it's not bulk from lifting or anything. So I feel like it's quite fixable, but I just have to convince myself to be motivated and stick to some sort of plan. First of all, I can't consume the ridiculous quanitities of Mt Dew that I have been. Also I need to start some sort of physical activity. I've been planning on starting a running regimen, but Haven't been motivated enough to just do it. I'll try to Get up early and RUn 3 times a week. Either Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday or SUnday, Wednesday, Friday. Monday I have to be up early, and Saturdays as well(for work) so that fits in logistically. Getting ina routine of getting up early in general, and getting up without an hour of hitting snooze, will contributre to all-around productivity as well. Ideally I'd like to be around 200-210 pounds, but if I can get to 220-230, I'd be pretty happy, and my pants would start to fit comfortably again ha. also my brother Jon sent me a link to watch Weezer's new video and it is quite outstanding. incredible.