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Projector Screen, Bulb

 Yesterday brad came home from work and told me that his friend Jason texted him about a projector screen (that sentence probably needs some commas). Apparently there was a seventy inch projector screen out with the trash. It didn't take me long to get in my car and leave. (This is actually borderline impressive for me. What many people don't know is that I can never do anything or ever leave right away. I always have to wait a few minutes or do something first. I used to live about 1.5 miles from my friend DJ, and always managed to get to his house about 25 minutes after I said I'd leave. It doesn't make any sense). 
On the way to Staples(where Jason works), I called DJ using my superflously purchased onstar phone minutes. As we approached the establishment, we talked about Fantasy hockey and my recent championship win. He suggested that I write a blog entry about my experience, but I probably won't. Considering my victory, I don't have many regrets. My only real regret is my failure to trash talk heavily. As I drove around staples to the dumpster, I saw the screen. It wasn't in plain view, or in the dumpster. It was somewhat hidden between the dumpster and building itself. I stopped my car and ran over to load the screen. I felt kind of like a criminal ha. Even as I loaded it, I was kind of bumbling as it was sliding around and shifting. I have the projector screen now, though.

The reason for the screen being discarded is that it appears to have a somewhat ripped screen. It's slightly ripped from the top, but it seems to be a fairly easy to manage it. It also doesn't go up very high, but eh. We normally just use our wall as our projection screen, but I had an idea the other day. I was thinking of having a pens party for one of the games. Here is where the screen comes in...
You may not know this, but I actually have two projectors. I have the original projector from when Ben was my roommate, and the projector we currently use. The lamp/bulb in the first projector blew out, after we put about a million hours on it. At the time, I couldn't find a cheap replacement bulb, and found a deal on a new projector. It was through Best Buy's Ebay outlet, and I got a new projector with a fresh bulb in it for only $350. Now that is still a lot of money, but it's a deal on a projector, and I had been unable to find a lamp for under $300. It's still way less than a quality HD TV of decent size. I recently put the old projector on EBay for sale as "Needs bulb" The interest was tepid, and I pulled it because I found the bulbs for cheap. $180 with shipping. Now I can sell it as a working projector with a fresh bulb, which will get me more money. My pens party can employ the dual projectors for this purpose: NHL '09 tournament before the game ha. There probably won't be enough time, actually, but using the screen we can set up a second XBOX to have multiple NHL games going on ha. It could be fun. Maybe I'll just find some other occasion for it. It could also come in handy for the futureJurassic Park Party, Brad and I plan on having.


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